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About us

Our company is born out of an idea to help others


We knew that medical experts have long advocated that skin tags and other benign elevated skin growths can be easily removed with the right type of running loop. Our mission is to help the large proportion of the population who have unwanted, but benign, skin growths that they wish to remove to improve their life quality.


We are a Scandinavian company

Our owners and product designers are from Sweden and Finland. Our patented main product; TagMole Remove™, has been developed in collaboration with the skin clinic at the reputable Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm and their department of innovation, DS Innovation.


TagMole's in-house medical doctor Marina Donner

TagMole partner Marina Donner, MD, works both at the private clinic Medimar and at the main hospital in Mariehamn, Finland. Marina also has an additional education in skin cancer and has experience from a skin cancer clinic in Australia. Marina can daily see, through her work, a great need for a simple and fast method for patients to remove benign skin growths in their own home environment so that healthcare can focus on more harmful skin conditions. Marina collaborates with the Åland Cancer association regarding annual skin examinations that are held with the aim of preventing dangerous skin changes.


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Marina Donner, Medical Doctor, Finland