Blunt Cases

Can I use TagMole on my skin growth?

Important! TagMole should only be used on skin tags and similar benign elevated skin growths, like soft fibromas or small age warts on a stalk. Always check with your GP or dermatologist if you are unsure if your skin growth is harmless. 

Skin examination

Several risk factors are known to increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Indoor tanning, sunburns, skin type and unprotected exposure to sunlight are some of the main risk factors. However, when caught and treated early skin cancers are highly curable. The ABCDE-method described below is internationally recognized and widely used by doctors as general guidelines in skin examination. 


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Melanoma is often asymmetrical, which means the shape isn’t uniform. Non-cancerous moles are typically uniform and symmetrical in shape. 


Melanoma often has borders that aren’t well defined or are irregular in shape, whereas non-cancerous moles usually have smooth, well-defined borders.


    Melanoma lesions are often more than one color or shade. Moles that are benign are typically one color.


      Melanoma growths are normally larger than 6mm in diameter, which is about the diameter of a standard pencil.


        Melanoma will often change characteristics, such as size, shape or color. Unlike most benign moles, melanoma tends to change over time. If you have a mole or skin growth, watch it for signs of changes. If you notice any of the ABCDEs of melanoma, make an appointment right away to be evaluated by a dermatologist.