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TagMole is an at-home treatment kit for removing skin tags in 3 easy steps. Apart from skin tags, TagMole can be used on other benign elevated growths after evaluation by a doctor. Please check ”Area of use”.

TagMole works by applying a sliding loop over a skin tag and pulling it tight, so the blood supply to the skin tag is cut off. This causes the tag to shrink and fall off within 1-2 weeks with minimal scarring.



Use TagMole 1-2-3


1. Place the loop around the base of your skin tag as close to the surface of the skin as possible. Gently and firmly grab the skin tag and lift it. You can use tweezers for easier access or just your fingers.

 2. Tighten the loop by pulling the trigger towards you. You should feel an initial sting when you have tightened the loop enough and a slight redness around your skin tag is also expected.



3. Release the loop, including the plastic cartridge. from the tool.

Leave the loop and cover it with an adhesive plaster in order to protect it from rubbing on your clothes. We recommend you re-apply the tool and tighten the loop one more time after 1 hour by repeating steps 1-2-3. This is to ensure that it has been tightened hard enough around the skin tag. When you are satisfied you can cut the string below the knot hence a smaller plaster can be used to cover it but be careful not to cut into the knot!

Watch our instructional video for using TagMole in 3 easy steps